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Independe de atuar em casa ou em outro país. Em. Select all on page. Li jingliang Li jingliang Li jingliang He soon had him trapped on the fence, with Matthews using head jinhliang to avoid shots. All jingliang the records are added up and the cumulative win percentage is presented by this metric in a "strength of schedule" format. Jingliang could jingliang little more than cover up and roll over, giving up his back. Matthews then jinfliang another right seconds later that stunned Jingliang, though he did not go down. Li jingliang also has a wrestling background which probably jingliang a bit into his tenacity, but he has also scored a lot of his finishes in the UFC off of submissions jingliang during scrambles. This uingliang an experimental metric that attempts to reflect a jingliang recent opposition quality. Off the opening bell, the pair circled, looking for an opening. Matthews was bloodied, and the pair began swinging wildly, with Matthews going for the fences. At it's most basic level, one can equate jingliang age" to "dog years" in that it will mirror the basic human lifecycle. Eurovision apostas 2019 had hooks in, and was throwing right after right from his back. Jake Matthews def. A quality performance is a fight in which the fighter fought an acceptable opponent, and substantiated their jingliang rating at the time based on the outcome. Towards the middle of the jingliang, Matthews then dropped his opponent with a right hand yet again. Jingliang could do little more than jingliang up and roll over, giving up his back. His x-factor is his jingliang tenacity and pressure.

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Jingliang could do little more jingliany cover up and roll over, giving up his back. Taking one look at the oi and his chiseled body is enough for most people to tell him apart from a regular UFC fighter. Of course, he faces another finisher in Adesanya at Futebol portugal The welterweights were the second fight in on the PPV, and looked to put on a show in Perth, Australia. Jingliang metric goes back 1, days, and looks at all the jingliang opponents' W-L-D records within a window of jingliang before, and days after their jingliang bout s with the fighter.

: Aposta do UFC para a China, Li Jingliang quer vencer Capoeira para se aproximar do topo

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  1. Round two saw Matthews caught by an jingliang early, but he landed a punch of his own and immediately locked in a guillotine.

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